Bidwell Clothing & Household Pantry

& Donation Drop Off Information

Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to temporarily suspend our clothing and household program, and cannot accept any new donations. 

This decision was partially made because these items have to be outside to support social distancing, and with the winter weather happening, there was no way to keep this program running. In addition, for the last 7 months, we have averaged 229 volunteers less each month with a loss of 1,122 man-hours per month. We just don’t have enough help to be able to accept these donations. With current budgetary restraints, we are unable to hire staff to replace the volunteers.


We are focusing on our main service of food and hope to be able to return to these programs in the spring.



Here are the services we will continue to provide (and to accept donations):  
• Food 

• New hats, gloves, and socks (only new)

• Coats (no other clothing)
• Toiletries/Personals (including travel sizes)
• Cleaning Products
• Feminine Hygiene Products
• Baby Supplies (diapers, baby wipes, formula, and baby food)
• Adult Incontinence Products
• Grocery Bags (plastic grocery bags, paper grocery bags, t-shirt bags and cloth/reusable bags)
• Pet Food

Our address:  1203 Hartford Avenue, Des Moines Iowa 50315


Donation Drop Offs:  Please pull up in front of the pantry (there is a slap of cement) by the picnic table.  The pantry is the building behind the yellow day care building. We are doing intake at the windows, so we will see you when you arrive. For a no-contact drop-off, donations may be placed in the trunk, hatch, or back seat. A staff member will come out and grab the donations without contact/exposure. 


Donations are accepted:

• Mon – Wed – Fri 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

• Tue – Thu 10:00 am - 6:00 pm



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This institution is an equal opportunity provider.  To view our Nondiscrimination Statement, click here.