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COVID-19 Safety Steps

The following COVID-19 Safety Steps have been implemented in the Bidwell Pantry:

  • All pantry staff and volunteers are required to wear masks at all time.  We provide masks. 

  • All pantry staffs’ and volunteers’ temperatures are taken upon entering the pantry. 

  • Gloves are available for staff and volunteers. 

  • Hand soap is always available in the restroom.  We suggest washing your hands a minimum of when you arrive for a shift and before you leave. 

  • A limited number of volunteers may be in that pantry at one time.

  • Pantry services are now curb-side only.  Clients are to remain in their cars. Clients are not allowed to enter the pantry.  We go out and get their information and bring the items back out to them.  

  • Clothing and household items are outside in bins, and 1 client is allowed a time to look in each bin.  The bins are 10 feet apart minimum. 

  • Clients that walk up to the pantry must social distance while sitting at the picnic tables outside the pantry. 

  • Every other parking space is blocked off in the pantry parking lot to ensure that clients are at least 6 feet away from each other. 

  • We have put painter’s tape (blue tape) all around the pantry building every 6 feet to help everyone understand and allow for social distancing.  

  • Air scrubber filtration systems have been installed in the pantry and the child development center.

  • A second, stand-alone air-scrubber filtration systems have been installed in the pantry and the child development center. 

  • Acrylic Freestanding Health and Safety Screens have been purchased for the pantry desks and front counter.

  • Disinfectant foggers are being used to sanitize. 

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