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Donation Drives

Donation drives directly impact the lives of the people we assist by helping us feed and provide the basic care items needed for them to live and be work ready.  Donation drives are vital to the individuals and families that we support.  This is also a great way for you or your organization to give back to our community when you don't have time to come and volunteer.  Your impact can help rebuild someone's life as they move from crisis to self-sufficiency. 











  • Bidwell Riverside Center: Please contact Missy Reams, Volunteer and Community Outreach Manager, at or by phone at 515-244-6251 option 5. 

  • Hawthorn Hill:  Please contact Kelsie Pinegar, New Directions Shelter Program Manager, at or by phone at 515-243-7456.

Choose a Program to Support

We have several programs for you to support, allowing you to collect items for those you are most passionate about helping.  Our programs include: 

  • New Directions Shelter (Hawthorn Hill)

  • The Home Connection (Hawthorn Hill)

  • Food and Clothing Pantry (Bidwell Riverside Center)

  • Child Development Center (Bidwell Riverside Center)

  • Thanksgiving Meal Packages (Bidwell Riverside Center)

  • Holiday Meal Packages (December) (Bidwell Riverside Center)

  • Holiday Toy Pantry (Bidwell Riverside Center)

  • Winter Warmth (hats, gloves, socks) (Bidwell Riverside Center)

Decide the Type of Drive
Determine what item or items you will be collecting for your drive.  We suggest you pick a specific category or item to keep it simple. 

Register Your Drive
Please let us know your drive is happening.  We'd love to help promote your project.  Contact Missy Reams at or by phone at 515-244-6251 option 5.


Scheduling a Delivery Date Before the Drive Starts
Please let us know a proposed delivery date for your donation drive before the event starts.  We want to make sure we are prepared for your delivery.  And, we'd love to take a photo of your hard work when you arrive.  We want to celebrate YOU and tell you thank you!  

Request a Bidwell Riverside Center - Hawthorn Hill Speaker
Speakers are available upon request to talk about our programs and the impact that your donation drive will have on those we serve.  Donation drives offer an excellent opportunity to educate participants about individuals experiencing poverty and homelessness and the positive impact that our programs are making in the lives of those we serve.  For more information, please contact Missy Reams, Volunteer and Community Outreach Manager, at or by phone at 515-244-6251 option 5.  

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