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Prepping for the Holidays at the Shelter!

Help us prepare for the holidays at New Directions Shelter. Volunteers are needed help organize our space.  This would include: organizing, cleaning and preparing spaces in the shelter for the holiday.  This will provide the families staying at the shelter a warm and comfortable space to celebrate the holiday's.


Click here to sign up or to receive more information.

We need help multiple times each week between 11/14/2022 through 12/07/2022. Suggested times for volunteers are:  

  • Weekday mornings from 9:00am-11:00am

  • Weekday afternoons from 1:00pm-3:00pm


This is a great project for 1-2 people to work on at a time or volunteer groups of up to 6 people.


To sign up and schedule a time to help click here, or contact Missy Reams by email at, or by phone at 515-244-6251 Option 5.


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