Volunteer Opportunities


Welcome and thank you for your interest in volunteering at Bidwell Riverside Center - Hawthorn Hill. Volunteers are the heart of our organization, and are vital to help us serve vulnerable Iowans. Below you will find many ways to volunteer and help at our organization.

Volunteers are needed to help families get toys for their children at this event.

Choose a way to help our shelter this holiday season!     

Volunteers are needed to organize donations, clean, and host children's events.

Volunteers are needed to help pantry guests get food for the December Holidays!

Volunteers help pantry guests get groceries, and then stock the aisles. 

Dinners are needed 3 nights a week for the famillies staying at our shelter. 

Volunteers are needed to host kid's activities in December at the shelter.

Volunteers are welcome daily to host activities with the children in our shelter. 

We welcome large groups of up to 40 people to come volunteer, including children.